Summary of Chapter _1_, Identity & Agency

My summary of chapter 1 is actually based on my identity as well. My overall feeling on this piece is definitely negative. Is the reason a selfish one? Maybe that is true. But thanks to my identity I can’t help it. I won’t question the validity of this article’s content. She uses real life stories and quotes and gets valid examples from different creeds of people of their life stories. My problem with the article is the rather drab language speaking on a topic that’s been beaten over the head for me. Yes, I understand, these are things societally arranged that no one including a half black/half Hispanic denies deals out unfair adversity to minorities in our country. It’s just tough sitting in so many classrooms being one of few minorities surrounded by white students. I don’t feel uncomfortable or anything of the sort. By no means is my life perfect, but I live pretty luxuriously and relatively carefree on this campus. It’s frustrating because I’ve been sitting in classes for many years having this same conversation. Things don’t really seem to be getting any better. And my problem with this article as well-articulated and evidenced as it is, is that it doesn’t make a leap into providing a solution either. At this point in my life, through the inter-cultural interactions that I’ve experienced, I feel like this article is meta-knowledge. I mentioned before you might consider that selfish. I understand that a predominantly white and well-off student body benefits from information like this. I’m just over it. And I don’t mean that I’m done trying to enhance and advance the overall well-being of my race. I mean I’m over reading the same academic perspective from the same kinds of people outside of my race. I don’t mean to attack Dorothy Holland, this has just been close to bubbling over for a long time.


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