DouA_Swearigen Blog Summary

-We need to consider the levels of multiculturalism that are entering American higher education when it comes to teaching about/prosecuting against students for plagiarism.
-The printing press called the ownership of the extreme amount of works dwelling in the public domain
-The idea of owning thoughts and ideas baffles a lot of the rest of the world
-Augustine, similar to Plato, thought that one found truth and not created meaning, hence once again making the idea of owning ideas baffling
-“Copying an author” in the ancient world translates to teaching craft and composition
-Aristotle’s references to his inspiration for rhetoric never unveiled a true self-identity but was flavored by a lot of different tastes and shades of imitation from speakers before him and from his time
-The idea of ownership among authorship is so American
-How can inter-cultural work ever truly be fruitful and unfiltered when copyright law and fair use muddle the exchanges of such things thanks to Western influence


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