First Paper Prewriting

  • Speak about family and background
    • My parents have worked so hard to get me the opportunities that I have and although I’m a creatively predisposed person, I have no interest in being a starving artist. I feel like the starving artist association. I’d love to be that writer with a nice house and a fed family that writes a novel every 3 years and remains financially stable. I respect those writers. My heart isn’t in it enough to walk that path. *
  • I feel in love with the idea of being a published author because of the reward that came with the end result, not the process to achieve it*
    • I really enjoy the idea of being successful and that is my overall priority with what I do with my life
  • My friends since freshman year, appropriately enough usually business majors would say “no one knows how to write anymore” as a positive to my major I suppose for future career-seeking
  • My friends doing civil and mechanical engineering may think that my classes are easy and my major isn’t serious. In my experience humanities majors always get this rap. What my Whitman and L.C. Smith College of Engineering friends don’t get is that I plan on doing as well for myself as they are in the future. The way I see it is that anyone in a major because they think there’s minimal work is probably already financially set after they graduate.
  • This paper is an example of releasing the creative flood gates and doing what writing is intended to do, conveying true feelings into an enjoyable message to be delivered to an audience

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