Haynes Reassessing Genius

There was a very specific section of Haynes that stuck out to me as we continue to discuss the idea of genius involved how we’ve been trained to think of genius. The middle of the left column on page 67 (along with the entire article) makes a great point that we are taught to idolize genius. It’s almost perceived as something impossible to achieve and reserved just for the gifted view. The truth of the matter is that the “flights of exceptional thinking” Haynes says geniuses experience are experienced by many. I can confidently say that I’ve had many flights of exceptional thinking. I feel that I think deeply and possess a rather expansive mind. This piece has inspired me to arrive to the conclusion that once you’ve attained a certain intelligence level there is genius dormant inside you. It’s all about whether or not you find it and explore it. Someone may or may not be an extremely winning football coach but they may have become the owner of a self-owned business and used some “genius” to do just that. I feel like daily life should be incorporated when measuring someone’s genius. Someone may be a genius in social settings and really good at talking to and connecting with people. By no means do I wish to discredit people that are recognized as geniuses, I’m just tired of them holding onto all the crop.


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