Social Media Can Portray the More Human Side of Celebrities/Strengthen ties to a company

The Forbes article mentions increased brand recognition and loyalty being the first 2 biggest advantages to utilizing social media. Obviously I haven’t met the vast majority of the celebrities I follow on social media. And although I don’t feel any more physically or literally closer to them based on their tweets or photos they post, it does bridge a certain gap. The friends that I know in real life post things about their daily lives. Whether it’s as average as the meal they’re eating or something more extravagant like para-sailing, it bridges me closer to them while we are apart. Obviously accomplished musicians and actors and other celebrities are probably posting more extravagant things than what my civilian friends are doing. But simultaneous my favorite celebrities posting funny pictures or tweeting things I can relate to works wonders for my fanaticism. I feel that I can identify with them better which draws my attention closer to their posts on social media. Then, when they do release an album or have a concert or something of the sort, it’s more likely to catch my eye and I’m more likely to endorse their product or buy tickets to the shows. The other day, Amazon, a website I’ve used many times, got me to click on a link for a watch sale for a watch I’ve owned once before because it was on my feed. When I clicked the link, I had no plans on checking on buying a new watch but it passing by on my twitter timeline sparked the idea in my head, and this happens every day to a lot of different people on a multitude of social media platforms.


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