What I took away and a few things I hope you’ll take away too!

Firstly, let me say that I’ve never operated this many social media platforms simultaneously before in my life, and I’m not going to lie it’s definitely a bit overwhelming. My eyes have been staring at this screen for quite a while by this point. I’ve got so many tabs open in my web browser I have 2 different ones open and the tabs fill up the screen end to end. But simultaneously, this project has shown me how truly useful social media can be in terms of advancing yourself as a person in a social and business aspect.

That saying that all publicity is good publicity seems to hold a lot of weight among the social media world. When it comes to sites like Tumblr and Twitter, once your name is trending whether it’s good or bad there’s attention being drawn to your account and incentive for to gain new followers. The sheer numbers of people on the sites alone (By the end of next year there’ll be 750 million active Facebook users, twice the size of the US population of 311 million [http://www.acegroup.com/us-en/assets/ace-progress-report-social-media.pdf]. It took me absolutely no money to set up any of the social media accounts that I did for this project. Celebrities can save so much money while still being followed by millions of people. It takes companies nothing to own an account, and they can pay an extremely cheap cost to get their sponsored tweets forcibly placed into users’ timelines based on demographics. A friend of mine loves eating at TacoBell and follows them on multiple social media platforms, including liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter and Instagram. The reason brand loyalty and recognition go up so much via social media networking is because the consumer sees it so often on their computer, phone and/or tablet. I wasn’t really conscious of this at all before I did this project.

All of the research that I did wasn’t just entirely observational. I actually actively participated in my own little test for my research. I work as a club promoter part-time for a company called Black Card Nightlife. I’ve organized a decent number of parties for different occasions, but usually birthdays. The first way social media plays a hand in this is that I can use Facebook to see when people’s birthdays are to contact them ahead of time to see if they’re interested in booking a party. Next, I can organize the events via Facebook events I create which organize the guest list and dole out the information for me easily. But an even easier way this site work for me is to put up a status to let all of my Facebook friends see what I’m in the business of, here the status:


I had 3 different people reach out to me about setting up parties for them in the next 2 weeks and that could end up being anywhere between $150-$300 in my pocket. I tweeted about it as well and I just wouldn’t have been able to reach as many people without these online social networking tools.

For a while there I was really concerned with getting data from my fellow peers and expertise from professors social media is one of the most accessible things available in modern society today. It’s almost always free and anyone can figure out how to use it if they sit down with it for a long enough time. I realized the best lens to observe this topic from was a personal one. I’ve been a Twitter user since 2009 and a Facebook user even years before that. Of course, my personal observations wouldn’t be nearly what they are without the filtering I did with the information I found in my research, and I understand the ceiling potential for entrepreneurial success with social media, and it is incredible. A recognizable brand, a big enough network and an attractive enough online persona to make people want to scroll and read, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks so much for joining me on the ride for my presentation, and keep on networking. I look forward to continuing to use these accounts later on down the road and see what other observations I make can help contribute to the conversation between society, business and social media. 🙂


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